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What's new?

Geriatrics Program

The MAFHT Geriatrics Program was developed to address the needs of older adults and their caregivers. It’s never too early (or too late!) to learn about effective ways to improve and promote a healthy lifestyle, regardless of age or health status.

That’s one of the reasons we offer a memory clinic that provides primary care and support for patients with cognitive concerns and their families. We assess many aspects of memory function and provide recommendations on available treatments. Memory clinics are held on a monthly basis. Click here to learn more about our Geriatrics Program.

Diabetes Prevention Program

The MAFHT Diabetes Prevention Program includes educational group sessions offered monthly. The goal of the program is to increase each individual’s knowledge, skills and confidence in adopting healthy lifestyle behaviors in order to improve self-management of their health status. Click here to learn more.


Each year, 1 in every 5 Canadians gets the influenza virus – also known as the flu. The flu is much worse than a cold with symptoms like fever, cough, fatigue, sore muscles, and more. The flu vaccine can prevent these problems, but some people still choose not to get it. Why? Let’s look at 3 common myths (From: The Canadian Paediatric Society)