Our Vision

The vision of the Montfort Academic Family Health Team (MAFHT) is to maintain and improve the health of our patients by providing comprehensive and integrated care in both French and English, and to educate the francophone primary care physicians of the future.

Our Mission

The Mission of the MAFHT is to provide our patients with access to top-quality comprehensive and continuous care; work with the University of Ottawa to offer our medical students and students of other allied professions the best possible French-language education; continually develop, evaluate and refine evidence-based best practices for team-based family medicine; and as a member of the University of Ottawa’s Department of Family Medicine, fulfill our responsibilities to develop the physicians of the future.

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What is a Family Health Team (FHT)?

A Family Health Team is an approach to primary health care that brings together different health care providers to co-ordinate the highest possible quality of care for you - the patient.

Designed to give doctors support from other complementary professionals, most Family Health Teams will consist of doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners and other health care professionals who work collaboratively, each utilizing their experience and skills so that you receive the very best care, when you need it, as close to home as possible.

What will Family Health Teams mean to me?

Let's break this down a little bit more.

Family Health Teams are patient centred and you will have access to a number of primary health care services from a variety of team members, including your family doctor.

For Example:

  • Your family doctor will continue to see you during regular office hours.
  • You will have access to other other health care professionals within that Family Health Team, such as nurse practitioners, nurses, dietitians and pharmacists.
  • You will have access to a Family Health Team doctor during extended evening and weekend hours for urgent problems.
  • If you see another doctor in you Family Health Team for treatment, your own doctor will receive documentation about the nature of your problem so that he or she will always be up-to date about your medical condition.
  • If you need assistance after-hours, you will be able to telephone the Family Health Team Telephone Health Advisory Service where a registered nurse will provide advice about your urgent health care concerns.
  • With your permission, your doctor will receive a written summary of your call the next day, so that your doctor is informed of the nature of the problem and the advice you received.
  • Family Health Teams will be able to take advantage of specially funded information technology to organize your health information and share it securely with other health professionals.
  • Family Health Teams will be organized to offer you timely access to high quality primary care. Research shows that this access results in you being healthier, longer.

Our Team

The Physicians

Dr. Anne-Marie Auclair
Dr. Stefan de Laplante
Dr. Kay-Anne Haykal
Dr. Luis Rivero Lopez
Dr. Hélène O'Connor
Dr. Lyne Pitre
Dr. Michael A. Phillipowsky
Dr. Renée Prince
Dr. Jean A. Roy

The Interdisciplinary Team

Chantal Rioux and Caroline Sauvé

Nurse Practitioner
The nurse practitioner (NP) works closely with the family physicians. She has advanced training and experience in health care. The NP’s role is to offer primary care to patients, including evaluating and treating acute problems and helping in the management of chronic diseases. The NP can prescribe medications, make requisitions for laboratory or hospital tests and perform screening exams. Having her in our team allows patients to have quick and easy access to quality health care services. Furthermore, the NP has a very important role in the development, implementation and coordination of the programs offered by the team.

Samantha Fournier et Stephanie Tulsiram

The dietitian is a nutrition expert, who plays an essential role in the maintenance and achievement of good health. She meets patients of all ages and health status to help them improve their diets. After making an assessment, she can develop a plan that will allow patients to achieve their goals. By educating patients and provivding expertise on the subject, the dietitian helps patients understand concepts in nutrition, to distinguish facts from fiction, and also to create and achieve realistic goals.

Crystal Yukich

Health Educator
Through clinical work with clients, assessing the understanding that patients have of their health or illness, development of comprehensive educational programs for patients, and participation in assessment of physical fitness and risk of falls of older people, the health educator works to improve the overall health of her patients by reducing modifiable risk factors. The health educator helps patients adopt a healthier lifestyle, including increasing their physical activity by determining their fitness level and developing a realistic program that they can follow to achieve their health goals.

Mélissa Boileau

Clinical Pharmacist
The role of the pharmacist in our team is to assist physicians and patients in managing medications. Part of their job is to educate patients about the role of their medications and about drug interactions. In addition, he/she may help patients organize their medications, which will help to facilitate adherence to a drug program and achieve the desired effects.

Dr. Crystal Holly

As a member of the mental health team, the psychologist offers a wide range of psychological services such as: assessment, diagnosis, planning and implementation of psychological treatments. The psychologist also acts as a consultant providing expert advice in psychology. She works with medical professionals to deliver primary health care in regards to psychological disorders through the preparation and teaching of psycho-educational materials.

Fatima Abdo and Claire Sales

Social Workers
The social worker is a member of the mental health team. She meets patients to offer them help when they are going through a difficult period in their lives, especially in dealing with stress, grief and difficulty adapting to a new situation. She offers direct counselling sessions as well as providing resources in the community, like financial, housing and food programs.

Christine Derowin, Louise Morel and Nadia Trudel

Registered Practical Nurses
The nurse is the starting point for patients at the clinic. His/her responsibilities include: giving immunisations, measuring blood pressure and other body measurements, performing small office procedures, ensuring follow-ups with patients, contacting pharmacies, assisting patients in crisis, answering question and health education. The nurse also act as a liaison with public health agencies.

The Administrative Team

Nancy Renaud

Front Office Supervisor

Amélie, Emilie, Louise, Pascal, Marielle

Front Office Team

Haider Arab, Anna Paquin, Phillipe Gagnon

Medical Records Clerks

Rachel Galipeau

Finance Manager

Olivia Smith and Hawra Arab

Program Administrators

Madelayne DeGrâce, Kurtis Boulianne

Technical Consultants

Margaret DeGrâce

Reconciliation Analyst

André Veilleux

Executive Director

Ellie Kingsbury

Quality Improvement Decision Support Specialist

The Board of Directors

Dr. Kay-Anne Haykal

President and Lead Physician

Dr. Renée Prince


Dr. Stefan de Laplante


Dr. Michael Phillipowsky

Medical Director

Dr. Hélène O'Connor

Director of Education

The Family Medicine Unit: A Teaching Unit

The Montfort Academic Family Health Team is a teaching unit of the Department of Family Medicine of the University of Ottawa. During their studies, students and family medicine residents must be directly observed by their professors. The student or the resident you will consult at the clinic may possibly be under the direct supervision of his or her supervisor by means of a camera. A consent form will be given to you and will be explained by the student or the resident. You must sign it at the time of your visit.

Our Emblem: The Laurel Leaf

Notre emblème

The laurel leaf is a symbol of education, of the pursuit of education, as well as of healing. The word “baccalaureate” means: laurel berries. It is awarded to students when they obtain their university baccalaureate. In Ancient Greece, the laurel crown was given to newly qualified physicians. In traditional medicine, medication extracted from laurel berries is often considered to have powerful healing properties.

Feuille de laurier

The laurel leaf is a symbol of education, of the pursuit of education, as well as of healing. The word “baccalaureate” means: laurel berries. It is awarded to students when they obtain their university baccalaureate. In Ancient Greece, the laurel crown was given to newly qualified physicians. In traditional medicine, medication extracted from laurel berries is often considered to have powerful healing properties.

Notre emblème
Feuille de laurier